Exploring Arts impact on Technology and Design.

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The convergence of Art, Technology, and Design.

Space 42 is a showcase for international Art, Technology, and Design. Complete with an Art Gallery, Technology and Design Center, and Concept Market. Space 42 creates a curated environment for discovering artists, exploring technology, experiencing the city, and connecting with like minded locals.

Gallery The goal of Space 42 is to present, collect, and interpret the art of our time through the promotion of national and international artists.
Technology & Design Center Our center is purpose-built for exploring Arts impact on Technology and Design. We believe that through Art, Technology can be improved.
Concept Store Jacksonville's first concept store, Space 42 brings together retail with a space for art, events, performances and pop-up shops in the center of Jacksonville's Arts District.
Café Craft coffeehouse featuring coffee and espresso drinks that are ground to order, as well as freshly baked cookies and savory sandwiches.
Event Space With 12,000 sqft of open space, art garden, and cafe: Space 42 is the perfect place for your next event. Contact us for more information.

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2670 Phyllis Street,
Jacksonville, FL 32210 USA.