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Space 42/Dream | Sueño | Rêve

Dream | Sueño | Rêve


Time: November 04, 2017 7:00pm
Location: Space 42 Main Gallery
Event Type: Gallery Show


On display now until January 2018 //  M-F 10am-3pm or by special appointment

Artists John Carr and Estée Ochoa in conjunction with Space 42 invite you to: Dream / Sueño / Rêve, a mural installation space of connecti​vity​ and possibility. Dreams are the shadows of something real. Through dreams we navigate​ our fears and desires. We confront relationships with ​ourselves,​ nature and ​one another​. We convene with our ancestors and envision our destinies. From dreams, our will is born. Our centerpiece is a contemplation of the archetypal mother who initiates our identity in the world, and of Humanitas, the fulfillment of human potential through beneficence and knowledge of self-worth. The installation will include paintings, an altar, prints and photography.

John’s bio:

John Carr is an artist, designer, and curator currently based in Los Angeles. Known best for his social/political graphic art, his body of work has appeared ​in galleries​ and streets around the world​. He is the creator and curator of “Yo! What Happened to Peace?”​, an ​anti-war printmaking project and the notorious underground LA vs. WAR events occurring in 2008 and 2011. Carr is a creator and producer of the art activism documentary series “Voice of Art”, executive produced by Pharrell Williams for i am Othe​r​. He is a recipient of the Center for the Study of Political Graphics “Art as a Hammer” award, and considers his artistic works as an opportunity to serve and ​inspire​.

Website: yopeace.com

Estée’s bio:

Estée Ochoa is a contemporary photographer and writer. Prior to photography, Ochoa’s career began as a NYC fashion editor where she became a leading trendsetter and sought-after stylist in creating images for some of music’s most successful recording artists. Her conceptual and authentic approach to styling naturally led her into the film industry, elevating her skills into costume design for feature film.  Ochoa was next drawn to new opportunities in the digital landscape where she began writing, shooting and producing independent content. In 2011, Ochoa teamed up with artist John Carr to co-produce LA vs. War, a pro-peace/anti-war festival exhibition and art activism platform. Her artistic aspirations are rooted in beauty, balance and the collective unconscious.

Website: esteeochoa.com


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