Our technology and innovation partner is IJHANA, a global technical company founded in Los Angeles, California in 2006.  IJHANA  works with companies – from start-ups to multinationals – with customized, objective technology strategy and consulting services. IJHANA helps clients create disruptive digital strategies that reinvent how you find, capture, and sustain value. Within the digital lab, they combine world-class digital talent with an amazing facility to create digital experiences and software that push the boundaries of art and technology.

With IJHANA at the core of technical innovation, its presence within Space 42 allows us to explore arts impact on technology & design. We believe that through art; technology can be improved.

IJHANA helps C-Level executives with major investment decisions that impact their company’s performance. Their expertise and insights, developed through serving high-tech companies and large-enterprise IT users, give us a rich understanding of the dynamic nature of the technology landscape and the complexity involved in using technology to deliver real value and impact. The net effect for their clients is significant improvement in their overall IT performance and returns on investment, along with a decrease in total cost of ownership.