• Getting lost at the News Stand

    For as long as I can remember I have loved magazines. There are magazines that I have owned for 15 years that still spark new ideas, new thoughts, new joy. The inspiration that the right magazine, at the right time can spark is infinite. So it's no surprise that my perfect Sunday morning includes... View Post
  • 42 Artists You Should Be Following Right Now!

    I love art. Always have. I have traveled long distances to see an exhibition. I have spent my last dollar on a piece. I find inner peace scrolling through artwork on Instagram and feel intense joy when I find an artist that resonates with me and makes me think. In short, I am addicted to art. To ... View Post
  • The art of Fashion Photography.

    "I don't want to sound mystical but sometimes when you take a picture - when the sets are in place - then something takes over and leads you. It's this sense of extraordinary luck and chance. The shoot is blessed and charmed, and you make pictures that you couldn't in your wildest dreams have im... View Post

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