42 Artists You Should Be Following Right Now!

I love art. Always have. I have traveled long distances to see an exhibition. I have spent my last dollar on a piece. I find inner peace scrolling through artwork on Instagram and feel intense joy when I find an artist that resonates with me and makes me think. In short, I am addicted to art. To this vain I keep a list of ever evolving artists that I love on my computer screen and all times. It evolves as art evolves. The list contains artists that I believe have/will have substantial careers in art and create art that finds its way to major collections and museums.

-Kevin Calloway Curator @ Space 42

So here they are in not particular order. Enjoy.

Mercedes Helnwein @mercedeshelnwein
Nir Hod @nirhod
Dain @dain_nyc
Joseph Lee @joeyunlee
HOPARE @hopare
Sean Mahan @seanmahanart
Ryan Coleman @ryancolemanstudio
Tawny Chatmon @tawnychatmon
TADAOCERN @tadaocern
Dennis Osadebe @dennisosadebe
Kim Hyunji @kimkimkimxx
Sammy Slabbinck @sammyslabbinck
Lisa Schulte @theneonqueen
Robert Mars @robert_mars_art
Sophia Pauley @sophia_pauley_art
Elena Øhlander @elena_ohlander
Ohad Sarfaty @__0h4d
Ziyun Zhang #ziyunzhang
David Fredrik Moussallem @davidfredrik
Hormazd Narielwalla #hormazdnarielwalla
William Lachance @wmlachance
Isabelle Carr @izycarr
Jeff Whipple #jeffwhipple
Harry Clitheroe @laleeshhc
Katie Watson @katiewatson123
Elizabeth Moylan @eliza_moylan
Dan Hollings @danhollings
Michael Alan @michaelalanalien
Juna Lee @birdizzy
Isaac Moss @theoneeatingtoast
Natalia Trivino @nataliatrivino
Cody Bayne @codybayne
Alex Da Corte @alexdacorte
Chad Kouri @chadkouri
Matt Lambert @mattlambertstudio
Kayla May @kaylamay_art
Christa David @christadavid

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