The art of Fashion Photography.

"I don't want to sound mystical but sometimes when you take a picture - when the sets are in place - then something takes over and leads you. It's this sense of extraordinary luck and chance. The shoot is blessed and charmed, and you make pictures that you couldn't in your wildest dreams have imagined. That is the magic of photography." - Tim Walker

Some Fashion Photographers blur the lines between art and fashion. They tell us stories, they take us to other worlds, they inspire us with their vision and they push the boundaries of photograph.

Below is a list of some of our favorite photographers who happen to shoot fashion. Enjoy and get inspired. 

Ellen von Unwerth
Tim Walker
Richard Avedon
Helmut Newton
Annie Leibovitz
Irving Penn
David Bailey
Paolo Roversi
Zhang Jingna
Sarah Moon
Elizaveta Porodina
Lina Tesch
Cass Bird
Julia Hetta

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