Jason Tetlak: Red Reveal

Burn After Reading

Artist Jason Tetlak, who's work focuses on creating unique interactions with the viewer, will exhibit his latest group of interactive paintings at Space 42 gallery. The paintings explore the themes of secrets, hidden messages and the thoughts we hide from others. This show is presented with a limited engagement, artwork will NOT be available for view or sale after the show closes. Temporary darkness and special lighting effects will be used, view at your own risk.



The Artist

Jacksonville, Florida based artist Jason Tetlak is on quite a run as of late. Fresh off having set the record for largest hand-painted 3D mural in the world, Tetlak is heading to Art Basel in Miami, where he is a featured muralist. This is his second straight year presenting at the world-renowned festival - as a collection of his hip-hop inspired works were displayed in 2017. This year also saw Tetlak commissioned by the city of Charleston, West Virginia to enhance a formerly lackluster underpass below Interstate 64. Locally, Tetlak’s work can be seen brightening walls all over the city of Jacksonville, including in Murray Hill where he founded the MH Mural Project.

The Work

Simple, brightly colored pop art to those who don’t make an effort to examine further, Jason Tetlak’s unique “red reveal” paintings expose a deeper, hidden image when viewed under red light. Each painting invites the viewer to take a closer look – often commenting on the dark or absurd reality lurking just beneath the happy, colorful surface fluff that society presents to us on a daily basis.

The Show

As an artist, Jason believes that his art should never simply end up as clutter in the back of his closet - which is why each and every painting from this show will either be sold or destroyed in a giant bonfire at the closing ceremonies, hence the name of the show, “Burn After Reading.”



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