John Carr & Estee Ochoa | Dream / Sueño / Rêve

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Artists John Carr and Estée Ochoa in conjunction with Space 42 invite you to: Dream / Sueño / Rêve, a mural installation space of connecti​vity​ and possibility. Dreams are the shadows of something real. Through dreams we navigate​ our fears and desires. We confront relationships with ​ourselves,​ nature and ​one another​. We convene with our ancestors and envision our destinies. From dreams, our will is born. Our centerpiece is a contemplation of the archetypal mother who initiates our identity in the world, and of Humanitas, the fulfillment of human potential through beneficence and knowledge of self-worth. The installation will include paintings, an altar, prints and photography.

All Images by: Estee Ochoa



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