"Mothers Little Angel's" Art Show Opening May 11th, 2019

OPENING NIGHT: May 11. 2019


Mothers Little Angels is a fine art exhibition of 45 historic icons presented by Space 42 featuring the works of Noli Novak and George Cornwell.

The art is screen printed portraits drawn by Noli Novak and executed on various materials by George Cornwell. Novak and Cornwell present the entities in childhood thru the perspective of a negative ambience, inviting the participation of patrons with interaction of their smartphones.

Noli Novak is an editorial illustrator at the Wall Street Journal. George Cornwell is a fine art serigrapher formerly based in NYC.


To encounter history’s villains in the innocence of life itself. As children. Through our experiences, as artists in graphic illustration and fine art printing, we unveil the imagery of Mothers Little Angels before they grow to mankind’s despised plunderers. While contradictions are abundant to the lives destroyed, when seen in  childhood, the wholesomeness observed in these icons go without question. Equally, we present inarguable figures, with those stereotypes they transcended, in both positive and negative portraiture. While using the unorthodox substrate of faux fur in black and white. And in the context of both childhood and adult. In applying the convenience of today’s technology, we introduce an interactive approach to viewing the artwork. To provide a fresh twist in the experience itself. 



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