Past Exhibition

  • Jason Tetlak: Red Reveal

    Burn After Reading Artist Jason Tetlak, who's work focuses on creating unique interactions with the viewer, will exhibit his latest group of interactive paintings at Space 42 gallery. The paintings explore the themes of secrets, hidden messages and the thoughts we hide from others. This show is... View Post
  • Elena Øhlander — Endless Dream

    Endless Dreams My fascination and inexplicable connection with Japanese culture inform the narratives in my work. I would find myself lost in the mythology and folklore that attempt to explain that which is unexplainable. Japanese Yokai (monsters), Kami (dieties) and characters such as ... View Post
  • Luisa Posada Bleier: Untitled

    Untitled represents artist Luisa Posada Bleier work created during her artist in residence at Space 42. She was selected as our inaugural artist-in-residence and spend over four months preparing for her first North American exhibition. The exhibition includes idiosyncratic paintings, scu... View Post

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