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John Carr & Estee Ochoa | Dream / Sueño / Rêve

Show Info Artists John Carr and Estée Ochoa in conjunction with Space 42 invite you to: Dream / Sueño / Rêve, a mural installation space of connecti​vity​ and possibility. Dreams are the shadows of something real. Through dreams we navigate​ our fears and desires. We confront relationships with ​ourselves,​ nature and ​one another​. We convene with our ancestors and envision our destinies. From dreams, our will is born. Our centerpiece is a contemplation of the archetypal mother who initiates our identity in the world, and of Humanitas, the fulfillment of human potential through beneficence and knowledge of self-worth. The installation will include paintings, an altar, prints and photography. All Images by: Estee Ochoa    

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Candy The Land of Donk’s Photography Exhibition

Space 42 + Malc Jax Presents: “Candy” The Land Of Donks A Group Photography Exhibition By: Malc Jax, Andre Burgess, Esdras “Phototea” Thelusuma, Aaron J. Jackson An immersive photography exhibition examining the car culture of the “donk,” created in Florida during the 1980’s and its continued influence around the world. The goal of the show is to showcase the artistry and appreciation of this car culture and their owners. Also to engage the viewers with the work and to broadened perspective of this culture and its place in art. Each of the four photographers whose work deeply reflects this culture will showcase their images during the gallery show. The show will include abstract images of the cars as well as...

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Solo Show & Living Installation Performance with Michael Alan

New York based artist Michael Alan took over SPACE 42 on April 28th 2017 for a solo show and live drawathon. For one night Michael created a surreal and beautiful human installation for the arts district of Jacksonville to view, draw and interact with. His long lasting marathons involve the artist fully involved: drawing on everything, including the models, the space, the music, his work and his own body. This was a rare opportunity for the public to come to draw and spend hours up close to his work. The night included a non-stop live model drawing, live DJ set and a chance to see Space 42 in its raw form.  

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