Dolf James

Artist Dolf James has remained at the forefront of North Florida sculpture while tirelessly contributing his ideas, talents, and time to galvanizing Jacksonville’s burgeoning creative community.

In 2014 James was the recipient of the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville’s “Arts Innovator” award. In 2016 the Cultural Council chose James as one of the 40 Cultural Icons of the region. Folio Magazine, on their 29th anniversary, named Dolf James one of the 29 largest “Agitators, Truth-Seekers & Crusaders”  in North East Florida, explaining he has probably done more for local artists than any other individual in the history of the region.

He was the driving force behind the creation of CoRK Arts District, the sprawling warehouse complex in Riverside that provides studio space to artists. James’ advocacy may well have been inspired by his keen knowledge of exactly how difficult it can be to get one’s start as an artist. His work as a sculptor will be a lasting part of his legacy, as will his immeasurable munificence toward other artists.

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