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Majestic Mærsk - 32 Dage Ombord på Verdens Største Skib

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Majestic Mærsk - 32 Dage Ombord på Verdens Største Skib [Majestic Maersk - 32 Days Aboard the Biggest Ship in the World]

In early 2014, Danish writer Kirsten Jacobsen and photographer Gregers Heering embarked on a 32-day journey on the biggest container ship in the world, The Majestic Mærsk, exclusively joining the vessel’s 20-strong crew across the oceans stretching from the Far East to the Mediterranean .

A few months after, the duo visited the birth place of the ship, the DSME ship yard in South Korea.

This self-financed, non-commercial project took more than two years to realize before getting published by Danish publising house Gyldendal (2015).

It is one of the most authentic and honest contemporary accounts of life at sea and what it means to be both ship and salor in a highly technological, competive and global world.

The book is strutured as logbook (text) and contains more than 200 photographs.

First edition (2000 copies)
© Gyldendal, 2015

By Kirsten Jacobsen (text) and
Gregers Heering (photo)

Designed by Gregers Heering and Carl Zakrisson
Printed by Narayana Press

304 pages. Roughly 200 photographs, text in Danish

Dimensions: 10.5 x 1 x 9.8 inches / 27cm x 2,5cm x 24,5cm